EThe Emergency Nurses Association of Ontario
    Representing the Nursing Specialty in Ontario

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How to Join or Renew 

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Go to NENA website:

-Be sure to update your demographics annually at renewal time, and if they change to ensure uninterrupted receipt of your provincial and national journals, documents and updates. Remember to click on UPDATE ACCOUNT to save current / updated information to website.

-If you forget your password at any time, click on RECOVER LOST PASSWORD.  The website will send you a reminder of your password immediately by Email.  

-New or Renewing Members, following the above processes, will receive an Email from the NENA President welcoming you or welcoming you back as a member. You will also receive an Email containing your $85.00 income tax receipt and membership card. Print and save this receipt. 

-The membership year is a rolling year, starting on your join date. You will receive website – generated notices in the month prior to your next annual renewal date, accompanied by instructions.

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